Talk to GGO at Ikpoba Okha

Having completed Oredo and Egor local government, the Talk to Governor Godwin Obaseki field agents has arrived at Ikpoba Okha with the same objective of having a direct conversation with the people of Ikpoba Okha local government. The information collected from the people of Ikpoba will assist the government to include Ikpoba Okha community in its plan in order to ensure that pertinent issues in the area are addressed immediately.

Ikpoba Okha is one of the eighteen (18) Local Governments Area of Edo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Idogbo. It has an area of 862 km² and a population of 371,106 at the 2006 census. We intend to talk directly with residents and stakeholders of Ikpoba Okha community in order to know some of the major problems that needs immediate attention.

Do you stay at Ikpoba Okha? Have you seen any of our field agents? Share your experience with us.





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