Talk To GGO Team visits EBS

In a bid to drive awareness about the “Talk to GGO” initiative currently ongoing in the State, the communication team of the initiative visited Edo Broadcasting Station (EBS) at Aduduwa in Benin City to feature on a popular program on the station.

The team led by Mrs. Esther Adeyanju and Mr. Adedaposola Adediran shed more light on the initiative, emphasizing for more support from the public. The team also stressed on the need for true information from the public for inclusion and to enable the government effectively plan for the coming years.s

The program, Wakabout anchored by Waka and Helicopter afforded the team opportunity to answer questions from callers in order to properly clarify questions thrown in by the callers.

According a member of the communication team, Aghedo Osaro Friday, “The program afforded us the opportunity to shed more light about the initiative and to hear the minds of the people. It also enabled us create awareness about the initiative and to clarify issues raised  by callers.”

He further stated that “the team has done their homework and we have known the magnitude of work we are engaging in and we are prepared for the task ahead. We thus need the support of the people to give the true information to enable the government effectively plan. People can also reach us on Facebook at Talk to GGO, twitter @talk2ggo and on Instagram at Talk to GGO”

To buttress his point, Agho Kingsley also stated that the government needs support from the people to achieve the objectives and goals of the initiative.

“We need the people of Edo State to embrace our people and know that contrary to their thoughts, this team are not after any collection or tax but are sent to engage them in discussion on what the government can do to help their community.”


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